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Friday, February 15, 2013

Fantastic Ray Floyd Interview by Golf Magazine

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I just read an interview with Raymond Floyd that appears in the March issue of Golf Magazine.  I wanted to share it with all of you because it is one of the best golf interviews I have ever seen.  Take a few minutes to read the full interview - you can access it here.

Floyd's record is impressive:  22 wins on Tour, including 4 majors.  Yet, I don't think he gets as much credit as he deserves for how great of a player he really was.  I think the primary reason is because he was playing against Palmer, Nicklaus, Watson, and Trevino, so his name tends to get lost in the shuffle.

This interview is simply fantastic, mainly because Floyd is so brutally honest with his opinions.  It is refreshing to see a superstar like Floyd actually say what he feels - a far cry from the prepackaged, made for TV quotes you get from today's players.  It is also revealing because alot of the interview talks about the mental aspect of the game, and how important it is to success - a lesson all of us can apply to our own games in order to get better!

Finally, it has one of the greatest Jack Nicklaus stories I have ever heard.  Floyd recounts how in the 1973 Ryder Cup, Jack was playing a better ball match with Tom Weiskopf as his partner.  Weiskopf had 12 feet for birdie, while Nicklaus had a 14 footer for a birdie of his own.  Nicklaus told Weiskopf to pick up his mark because Jack was going to make his putt - and he did!  How awesome is that?

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    Good post for obsessive and keen golfers.

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