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Thursday, April 11, 2013

What Makes The Masters The Best Major Of The Year

What is it about Augusta National that makes The Masters THE golf tournament every year?

Perhaps it is the history. Bobby Jones, the greatest amateur ever, conceived and built the place as an enduring monument to the game that he loved.  It is the kind of place that makes the patrons walk those hallowed grounds talking to each other in barely a whisper out of respect for where they are.

Perhaps it is the time of the year - the first major of the year - the real beginning of spring.  We have all waited eight long months to feel the excitement of a major.  We endured a brutal, golfless winter to get to this point, where the sun is finally shining and the fairways are green and our own tee times are days - not months - away.  We turn on our TVs and see the dogwoods and azaleas in full bloom, hear the birds whose chirps seem to be a little bit chirpier at Augusta, and we know that golf season has finally begun.

Perhaps it is the golf course, which is as big a story every year as the players themselves.  The sense of history lingering over each hole is palpable, the winners immortal, and the magical moments timeless.  The fact that the tournament is played on the same course every year breeds a familiarity for players and fans alike, and enhances the viewing experience because everyone watching knows where you can miss, where you are dead, and where the Sunday charge can begin.

Perhaps it is because The Masters connotes a sense of family.  The tournament showcases family during the Par 3 Contest, where players' kids are caddies, and they have their wives or girlfriends taking shots in front of the packed gallery.  For me, some of my fondest memories growing up revolved around The Masters - watching the tournament with my Grandfather, who was the man responsible for teaching me how to play, or all of us sitting around the TV on Easter Sunday in my Uncle Mike's living room watching Phil win that elusive first major.  The Masters is one of those sporting events that is relished as a shared experience.

But really, it is all of these things, and so much more.  It is nothing less than the best golfing week of the year.  

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  1. UnknownApril 12, 2013 at 8:02 AM

    Hard to disagree, Ryan.

    Not to mention that its the only place on earth to get that elusive Masters logoed merchandise!

    I didnt get to go this year (had the luxury of going the past 3 years though), so I had to put an order in w/ the lucky dogs that did get to grace the hallowed grounds!


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